Short Introduction: Basic Characteristics of the sport Tenniquoits

The basic goal of Tenniquoits is to throw a ring of solid rubber with one hand over a net into the opposing half of the court in such a wise, that the ring hits the ground or the opponent is unable to catch, control or return the ring.

While the continuos alternation of throw and catch of the ring during a match, the players of Tenniquoits combine a variety of different techniques to shoot and types of defensive and offensive shots with a skilful manner to catch a receiving ring with one hand.

A typical offensive shot for example, is a long shot with spin, thrown as a kind of lop into the back part of the opposing half of the court or a short shot with spin, thrown narrow across the net into a corner of the front part of the opponent’s half of the court. A typical defensive shot for example, is a high throw without spin, thrown into the back part of the opponent’s half of the court in order to keep the opponent away from the net.

To present an attractive, fast and sportsmanlike match, all actions of the players have to be executed in fluidly motions without unacceptable delays during the process from the receiving to the delivery of the ring.

In order to dominate the match, it is essential to gain an advantageous position close to the net, from where the player is capable to attack with an effective shot. The move to the net is realised by catching a high and long played ring with a streched arm above the head or behind the body while the player jumps forward. A match between offensive players is characterised by a fight of position and ring with the permanent alternating attempt to press the opponent and open space at the corners of the opposing court half, where to make the point.

For tactical reasons it could be also successful for a player to restrict the main efforts to catch the ring and return it with a defensive throw into the back part of the opponent’s court half. With this, a defensive player is able to force the opponent to make mistakes or to make points by counterattacks.

The International Tenniquoits Rules are obliging for all international events under the leadership of the World Tenniquoits Federation. Moreover this rule-set could be a helpful guideline for other countries, which are currently not organised concerning this sport, to introduce Tenniquoits into their landscape of sports and to become a competitive member of the World Tenniquoits Federation. [Read complete Rules under Regulations]