II. Ereaga Tournament of Ring Tennis 2021

The last Sunday, the 25th of July, we met 10 players on the beach of Getxo (Basque Country) to organize a new tournament of Ring Tennis on the beach. Ring Tennis is one of the most important sports that the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports promotes and for this reason we organize 3-5 tournaments of Ring Tennis or Tenniquoits every year at Bilbao. Apart from it, we train several days also during the year.
We played until the first who gets 21 points, except in the final. In that matches players played until 15 points. We enjoyed ourselves a lot as always and there was a lot of competition. New players came to play and this is an important thing. Our goals are two: Increase the number of players and improve ourselves.
As I have already mentioned, we got together 10 players and made 4 teams: two with 3 members and another two with two players. In the end, the best team was the one made up of Aitor Armiño, Alex Martínez, and Egoitz Urkijo. They proved to be far superior to their opponents. If all goes well, in October we will play the second edition of the Basque Tournament (Doubles). We played the first edition two years ago and last year we couldn’t do it. The idea is to hold this tournament in Bilbao. Here are the results:
Fabio Grande and Alberto Romero 28-26 Darlyn Mendoza
Aitor Armiño, Alex Martínez and Egoitz Urquijo 21-12 and 21-11 Jon Cousillas, Joseba Prieto and Cristian Galarza
3rd and 4th position match
Egoitz and Darlyn won because Jon´s team didn’t want to play.
Aitor Armiño, Alex Martíenz and Egoitz Urkijo 15-13 Fabio Grande and Alberto Romero

Last classification
1-Aitor Armiño (BAS), Alex Martínez (NIC) and Egoitz Urkijo (BAS)
2-Fabio Grande (ITA) and Alberto Romero (BAS)
3-Egoitz Campo (BAS) and Darlyn Mendoza (BAS)
4-Jon Cousillas (BAS), Joseba Prieto (BAS) and Cristian Galarza (PER)