IV.Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Individual) 2021

The 18th of January, Friday, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organized a new Ring tennis tournament, in this case the IV. Basque Ring Tennis Tournament (Individual) in Otxarkoaga, Bilbao (Basque Country). All matches were played in the afternoon, from 5 to 6:30 pm. We gathered 9 players and we played 4 rounds; preliminary round, quarter finals, semifinals and the final (before the final the match for the 3º and 4º position). We install one court inside the fronton and the other one 10 meters from it on the street. We were lucky and finally it didn’t rain.

In the preliminary match, Jesus managed to beat Unai. Two new players who really liked ring tennis.

            Then the quarter finals were played. All the matches were very intense and the winners had to sweat and work hard to win. In the semifinals, Egoitz beat Darlyn, a 10-year-old boy who plays very well. Aitor, the other finalist also had to make a lot of effort to beat Juanjo. Then Darlyn, taking advantage of Juanjo’s tiredness, beat Juanjo in the match for third and fourth place.

            In the final Aitor and Egoitz played a beautiful match, so equal, but a bit shorter. Finally after a great effort Egoitz was able to win.

            The idea is to organize the Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Doubles) in October, but before that we will do more training tournaments, including the Basque Tournament (Triples) in June, and in summer we will do some other tournament.

            We will try to train well to prepare for next year’s World Championship as well as possible because we will try to represent the Basque Country as worthily as possible.

Here we leave the results:


Preliminary round

Jesus Blanco 15-10 Unai Pérez

Quarter Finals

Egoitz Campo 21-4 Luis Getxo

Darlyn Mendoza 21-18 Andi Erromo

Aitor Armiño 21-16 Jesus Blanco

Juanjo Sinde 21-17 Mikel Maletxeberria


Egoitz Campo 21-14 Darlyn Mendoza

Aitor Armiño 21-16 Juanjo Sinde

3º and 4º position match

Darlyn Mendoza 15-14 Juanjo Sinde


Egoitz Campo 15-8 Aitor Armiño


1-Egoitz Campo             (Basque Country)

2-Aitor Armiño              (Basque Country)

3-Darlyn Mendoza         (Basque Country)

4-Juanjo Sinde               (Basque Country)

5-Luis Getxo                  (Basque Country)

6-Jesus Blanco               (Basque Country)

7-Andi Erromo               (Basque Country)

8-Mikel Maletxeberria   (Basque Country)

9-Unai Pérez                  (Basque Country)

Here you can see also the winners of the individual Basque Ring Tennis Tournaments played so far. 

2019 – David Montfulleda 

2020 – Egoitz Campo

2021 – Egoitz Campo

2022 – Egoitz Campo