I.Christmas Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Doubles) 2021

The last sunday, 26th of december, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organized in Deusto (Bilbao-Basque Country) the I. Christmas Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Doubles). This tournament has been the first “official” tournament that we have organized in Christmas holidays and our goal is to organize it again the next year in these dates.

We gathered in a basketball court of Sarriko (Bilbao)  8 players. We started playing at 6 pm. The day was dark and windy. Before the tournament ended, it started to rain. We prepared the two courts, we made 4 balanced pairs and we started to play. We played two rounds; semifinals in the first round, and in the second round the match for 3rd and 4th place and the final. The tournament was very good and competitive and although finally the couple formed by Tomas Beriashvilli and Egoitz Campo was the best, the others played very well.

Our intention is to organize this year, in 2022, in january or february the IV. Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Individual), in summer another tournament, in september or october the III. Basque Tournament of  Ring Tennis (Doubles) and this same tournament at Christmas.

Here we leave you the results of the Christmas Tournament:


Egoitz Campo and Tomas Beriashvilli 15-11 Antony Burgos and Alex Martínez

Darlyn Mendoza and Juanjo Sinde 15-8 Aitor Galda and Sebas Derio

3º and 4ª position match

Antony Burgos 15-9 Aitor Galda and Sebas Derio


Egoitz Campo and Tomas Beriashvilli 15-10 Darlyn Mendoza and Juanjo Sinder


1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country) and Tomas Beriashvilli (Georgia)

2-Darlyn Mendoza (Basque Country) and Juanjo Sinde (Basque Country)

3-Antony Burgos (Venezuela) and Alex Martínez (Nicaragua)

4-Aitor Galda (Basque Country) and Sebas Derio (Colombia)