II.Santutxu Tournament of Ring Tennis (Individual) 2024

On the 4th of June, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organized the II. Santutxu Ring Tennis Tournament (Individual) in Santutxu, Bilbao (Basque Country).

We met in front of Santutxu, near the Lidl supermarket. There, in the front, we prepared two courts; and we started the matches. First, we warmed up a little, although not much because it was already hot and we started the tournament. We played two rounds, semifinals, a match for third and fourth place, and the final.

We got 5 players together, and we started with the tournament. The best players were Egoitz and Maximo. They played in the final. The match was closely contested and finally, Egoitz won by a single point, while the heat was getting stronger. Galder got 3rd place after beating Andi in the 3rd and 4th place match. Now in summer we will play the Ereaga Tournament on the beach as we usually do and during September or October we will play the Basque Ring Tennis Championship, but this time in the couples category.

Here we leave you the results of the Santutxu Tournament:


Egoitz Campo 15-3 Andi Erromo
Maximo Kulachenok 5-4 Jon Ander Gil

3º and 4º match

Galder Etxebarria 15-9 Andi Erromo


Egoitz Campo 10-9 Maximo Kulachenok


1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country)
2-Maximo Kulachenok (Basque Country)
3-Galder Etxebarria (Basque Country)
4-Andi Erromo (Basque Country)
5-Jon Ander Gil (Basque Country)