VI.Basque Tournament of Ringtennis (Individual) 2024

On the 27th of January, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organized the VI. Basque Ring Tennis Tournament (Individual) in Elorrieta, Bilbao (Basque Country).

We met at the Elorrieta basketball court. There we prepared two courts, and we started the tournament. We got 8 players together, and we started with the quarterfinal matches. We played to 15 points, the first to arrive won.

Andoni and Alain played for the first time and had a worthy tournament. Alain beat Luis in the quarterfinals, and after losing in the semifinal to Egoitz; he achieved third place after beating Andi. Andoni, for his part, after beating Javi, and Andi reached the final. Egoitz was finally able to win the tournament but after sweating a lot and making a great effort. I appreciate the participation of all the players and the desire they showed. Hopefully little by little this beautiful sport will grow in the Basque Country. Our idea is to organize the Ereaga Tournament in May, a minor tournament in summer, and in September or October, the Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis but this time doubles.

Here are the results:


Quarter finals

Egoitz Campo 15-2 Joseba Zubiaurre

Andoni Mariezkurrena 15-9 Javier Pignoise

Alain Ibañez de Opakua 15-12 Luis Getxo

Andi Erromo 15-11 Jan Dabi Romero


Egoitz Campo 15-5 Alain Ibañez de Opakua

Andoni Mariezkurrena 15-12 Andi Erromo

3º and 4º position match

Alain Ibañez de Opakua 15-11Andi Erromo


Egoitz Campo 15-3 Andoni Mariezkurrena

Classification of the VI. Basque Tournament of Ringtennis (Individual)

1-Egoitz Campo                     (Basque Country)

2-Andoni Mariezkurrena       (Basque Country)

3-Alain Ibañez de Opakua     (Basque Country)

4-Andi Erromo                      (Basque Country)

5-Joseba Zubiaurre                (Basque Country)

6-Javier Pignoise                   (Basque Country)

7-Luis Getxo                          (Basque Country)

8-Jan Dabi Romero                (Basque Country)

Here you can see also the winners of the individual Basque Ringtennis Tournaments played so far.

2019 – David Montfulleda

2020 – Egoitz Campo

2021 – Egoitz Campo

2022 – Egoitz Campo

2023 – Egoitz Campo

2024 – Egoitz Campo