III.Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Individual) 2021

Last Sunday, 24 of January, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and
Minority Sports organized a new Ring tennis tournament, in this case, the III. Basque
Ring Tennis Tournament (Individual) in Leioa (Basque Country). All matches were
played in the morning. Now, as a consequence of the pandemic, the Basque government
has imposed severe measures, and therefore we were only able to get together 6 players
and we had to play with a mask.
In the first round, Adrian and Egoitz easily beat Joseba and Luis respectively
(Fabio and Andi went straight into the semifinals). In the semifinals, Egoitz and Adrian
returned to demonstrate their superiority and won their matches quite easily. The final
between Adrian and Egoitz was passionate and close. Finally, even though Egotiz won
10-6, he had to sweat and work hard to win.
Egoitz has a good streak, in October he won the II. Basque Tournament of Ring
Tennis (Individual) and the following month he won the Derio Tournament of Ring
Tennis (Triple) along with Daniel Barrientos and Julen Aldai, beating the team formed
by Darlyn Mendoza, Ronald Recopachi, and Aitor ArmiƱo. The Association will try to
organize new tournaments during 2021 if the pandemic allows it, including the III.
Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Doubles).

Egoitz Campo 10-3 Luis Getxo
Adrian Saenz 10-2 Joseba Prieto
Adrian 10-5 Fabio Grande
Egoitz Campo 10-4 Andi Erromo
Egoitz Campo 10-6 Adrian Saenz
1-Egoitz Campo
2-Adrian Saenz
3-Andi Erromo
4-Fabio Grande
5-Luis Getxo
6-Joseba Prieto

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Here you can see also the winners of the individual Basque Ring Tennis Tournaments
played so far.
2019 – David Montfulleda
2020 – Egoitz Campo
2021 – Egoitz Campo\