II.Basque Tournament of Ringtennis (Individual)

The last Sunday, 27 of September, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and
Minority Sports organized the II. Basque Tournament of Ringtennis (Individual), the
second one since we are a member of World Tenniquoits Federation as Basque Country

The weather was not bad, good for playing because it didn’t rain and we met again
in the “frontón” of Olabeaga (Bilbao – Basque Country). It is a court of 30 meters long
and 15 wide and there we can practice many activities and sports.
We met 8 players, 5 men, and 3 women. We set up two courts and played 4
quarter-final matches, two semi-finals, and the final. We used a knockout system: quarterfinals, semifinals, and the final. We changed a bit of the competition rules. Instead of
playing until 21 points, we decided to play 15 minutes each match. The winner was the
player who had the highest score.

Egoitz was the best player. He won Nicolas Pino in the final and he became the
best basque player of Ringtennis in 2019. Nicolas played the first time to Ring tennis but
we liked it a lot and he will return again. The Basque Association of Beach Tennis and
Minority Sports will continue organizing training and competition days of Ring Tennis
during the next year.

Quarter finals
Egoitz Campo 21-9 Alex Martínez
Nicolas Pino 14-17 Alexander*
Milena Pino 10-8 June Pino
Darlyn Mendoza 21-15 Nuria Álvaro
Egoitz Campo 11-6 Darlyn Mendoza
Nicolas Pino 15-5 Milena Pino
Egotiz Campo 21-15 Nicolas Pino

Last classification
1-Egoitz Campo (BAS)
2-Nicolas Pino (ARG)
3-Darlyn Mendoza (BAS)
4-Milena Pino (BAS)
5-Alex Martínez (NIC)
6-Alexander (VEN)
7-Nuria Álvaro (BAS)
8-June Pino (BAS)