Basque Country Ringtennis Association joins WTF!

The Basque Country Ringtennis Association is officially accepted as the next member of the WTF.  Chairman of new Organization Egoitz Campo Gonzalez has established and developing one more Ringtennis club in Europe. WTF wishes new member great start and quick development in the region.

Basque Country Ringtennis Association

United States has joined WTF!

The United States Ringtennis Federation is officially accepted as the next member of the WTF.  President of US Ringtennis Federation Michael Abiodun established and developing ringtennis game in American region. WTF wishes new member good sport results on upcoming International Ringtennis Tournaments.

United States Ringtennis Federation
P.O. Box 252647
West Bloomfield Township, Michigan 48325-2647 US
PHONE:  1 + 248-736-0533

Basque Country Ringtennis

On July 8th 2016 first Ringtennis Tournament took at Basque Country, Bilbao.
Group of sport amateurs from Bilbao after purchasing official tournament rings has hold fist official Ringtennis Tournament. Results can be found here: I.Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis – July 8th 2016.

Club representative Egoitz has shared with WTF plans to form Ringtennis Club (local association) and hold regular local tournaments with results sharing. Basque Country Ringtennis Association has strong willing to join WTF.

WTF sincerely wishes new Ringtennis sportsmen good luck, incredible sport satisfaction, health and the same strong willing to join WTF Family!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014

24 December 2013

Season’s Greetings to all Tenniquoits player around the world. Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014 from side of the Executive Committee of the WTF. Hopefully to see you all at our major event, the 3rd World Tenniquoits and Ringo Championships from 30th of March to 5th of April 2014 in Vanderbijlpark – South Africa. The below shown picture has been taken at the WTF main event of 2013, the promotion tour of Tenniquoits through member country Kenia.DSC02023

First Tenniquoits activities in Cameroon

DSC01818 (1)11 November 2013 Yaounde (CAM)
First Ringtennis training session took place in Yaounde (Cameroon) after receiving Ringtennis rings from World Tenniquoits Federation. Emile Tonye already formed an athletic group of young players finding its first experiences with the yellow rubber ring.

Results German Championships 2013

15 September 2013 Rossdorf (GER)
The German Tenniquoits Division held their National Championships 2013 in Roßdorf. Congratulations to all winners and runner-ups from side of the WTF:
Men-Singles, winner: Timo Hufnagel, runner-up: Max Speicher.
Women-Singles, winner: Vera Vollhase, runner-up: Naemi Singruen.
Men-Doubles, winner: Fabian Ziegler & Christian Herzog, runner-up: Alexej Ermak & Maximilian Speicher.
Men-Doubles WTF, winner: Fabian Ziegler & Christian Herzog, runner-up: Sebastian Weber & Christian Kämpfer.
Women-Doubles, winner: Vera Vollhase & Alexandra Boelsen, runner-up: Nicole Schellert & Raba Krasniqi.
Women-Doubles WTF, winner: Vera Vollhase & Michaela Güthling, runner-up: Nicole Schellert & Raba Krasniqi.
Mixed, winner: Vera Vollhase & Reinhard Plog, runner-up: Raba Krasniqi & Sascha Schneider.

Cameroon joins the WTF

18 August 2013 Yaounde (CAM)/Oer-Erkenschwick (GER)
The Cameroon Tenniquoits Federation is officially accepted as next member of the WTF.  Tonye Emile, President of the Cameroon Tenniquoits Federation and his team will establish Tenniquoits as new sport in their country. We all welcome Cameroon and are happy to have one more African country within our international body. Hopefully we will see sportsmen of Cameroon at the next World Championships 2014 in South Africa.

Ringo meets Ringtennis: Challenge Cup 2013

07 July 2013 Bartoczyce (POL)
Germany successfully retained the Challenge Cup trophy in Bartoczyce – Poland. In a tight competition against Poland and Belarus the experts of cupholder Germany decided the match by winning the men-doubles at the Ringo competition against Poland.  First time ever, Poland lost a match at their special discipline Ringo. The 6th edition of the Challenge Cup “Ringo meets Ringtennis” was again a great event, showing up with intensive matches at both international ring-sports: Ringtennis (Tenniquoits) and Ringo.