IV.Basque Tournament of Ringtennis (Doubles) 2023

6th of September, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organized in Trapagaran (Basque Country) in “Txurrukako Kirol Pistak” the IV. Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Doubles).  This has been the third tournament this year, because in January we played the Basque Individual Tournament, in May the Ereaga Doubles Tournament, and this time the Basque doubles tournament.

            After creating 3 equal pairs we played 3 matches, all against all. The best couple was the one formed by Darlyn and Egoitz who were able to win both of their matches. Anyway, the others did very well.

            Now our goal is to continue preparing well and organize more tournaments during the next year.

            Here we leave the results:


Egoitz Campo and Darlyn Mendoza 21-15Ander López and Andi Erromo

Egoitz Campo and Darlyn Mendza15-9 Luis Getxo and Jon Ander Gil

Ander López and Andi Erromo 15-12 Luis Getxo and Jon Ander Gíl


Winners: Egoitz Campo and Darlyn Mendoza

Classification of the IV.Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Doubles)

1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country) and Darlyn Mendoza (Basque Country)

2-Ander López (Basque Country) and Andi Erromo (Basque Country)

3-Luis Getxo (Basque Country)  and Jon Ander Gil (Basque Country)

Here you can see also the winners of the doubles Basque Ring Tennis Tournaments played so far.

2019 – WidenAroni/Daniel Barrientos

2021 –  Egoitz Campo/Ana

2022 – Egoitz Campo /Pilar Portu

2023 – Egoitz Campo/ Darlyn Mendoza