I.Basque Tournament of Ringtennis (Individual)

The last Sunday, 27 of October, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organized the I. Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Individual), the first, one since we are a member of the World Tenniquoits Federation as Basque Country (2016).
The weather was good, good for playing and we met again in the “frontón” of Olabeaga (Bilbao – Basque Country). It is a court of 30 meters long and 15 wide and there we can practice many activities and sports.
We met 9 players, 8 men, and 1 woman. The idea is to organize separate tournaments for men and women, but Joana wanted to play and we allowed her. She is a very athletic girl and will contribute a lot to our group.
We used a knockout system: preliminary round, quarterfinals, semifinals, 3º and 4º position match and the final. We changed a bit the competition rules. Instead of playing until 21 points, we decided to play 15 minutes each match. The winner was the player who had the highest score. The next time we will play with the official punctuation system, until 21 points.
David was the best player. He won to Egoitz in the final and he became the best basque player of Ring Tennis in 2019. Congratulations! Now we expect WTF starts with the ranking and these Basque official tournaments can be ranked for that ranking.
The Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports will continue organizing training and competition days of Ring Tennis during the next year. In 2020 we will organize the doubles tournament in April and the individual one in October and other 4-5 times we will play just for fun and in order to improve our skills.
Finally, we received the invitation to attend in 2022 to the World Championship.
We will try to go and represent Basque Country and if it possible do our best.
These were the results:
Preliminary match Quarterfinals
Daniel Barrientos 15-14 Darlyn Mendoza Egoitz Campo 24-14 Daniel Barrientos
David Montfulleda 19-18 Jose Bermejo
Felipe Haase 20-8 Joana Pelaz
Widen Aroni 17-0 Jon Ander Gil

Egoitz Campo 15-12 Widen Aroni 3º and 4º position match
David Montfulleda 22-12 Felipe Haase Widen Aroni 16-10 Felipe Haase


David Montulleda 12-8 Egoitz Campo

Last classification
1-David Montfulleda (BAS)
2-Egoitz Campo (BAS)
3-Widen Aroni (BAS)
4-Felipe Haase (COL)
5-Jose Bermejo (BAS)
6-Daniel Barrientos (BAS)
7-Jon Ander Gíl (BAS)
8-Joana Pelaz (BAS)
9-Darlyn Mendoza (BAS)