III. Ereaga Tournament of Ring Tennis 2022

The last Sunday, 24h of July, we met 8 players on the beach of Getxo (Basque
Country) to organize a new tournament of Ring Tennis on the beach, the third
tournament. Ring Tennis is one of the most important sports that the Basque Association
of Beach Tennis. Besides, we are preparing for the World Cup of 2023. We would hope to
go to Germany and play the next year.
We played until the first who gets 18 points, except one in the match
semifinal. We played the semifinals and the winners played the final. The losers played
then the match for the 3rd and 4th position match.
Finally, the doubles formed by Cristian Galarza and Egoitz was the best one but
they won both matches by a point of difference. If all goes well, in September or
In October we will play the third edition of the Basque Tournament (Doubles). Here are the

Egoitz Campo and Cristian Galarza 18-16 Alex Martínez and Jesus Rosamelano
Mikel Maletxeberria and Benjamin 21-12 Iñigo Galda and Ander López

3rd and 4th position match
Alex Martínez and Jesus Rosamelano 18-17 Iñigo Galda and ANder López

Egoitz Campo and Cristian Galarza 18-17 Mikel Maletxeberria and Benjamin

Last classification
1-Egoitz Campo (BAS) and Cristian Galarza (PER)
2-Mikel Maletxeberria (BAS) and Benjamin (GNQ)
3-Alex Martínez (NIC) and Jesus Rosamelano (COL)
4-Iñigo Galda (BAS) and Ander López (BAS)