III.Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Doubles) 2022

Last Monday, 19th of September, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis
and Minority Sports organized in Trapagaran (Basque Country) in “Txurrukako Kirol
Pistak” the III. Basque Tournament of Ring Tennis (Doubles). In January we organized
the IV. Basque Tournament (Individual) and this time we met 8 players in the frontón of
tyhe “Txurrukako Kirola Pistak” sports area of Trapagaran to put two courts and play a
great tournament.
After creating 4 equal pairs we played 4 matches: 2 semifinal matches, a match
of the 3º and 4º positions, and the big final. We started at 5:15 pm and the tournament
was so equal. We made 4 balanced pairs and the matches were intense. The one who
managed to make 21 points won. A couple formed by Pilar Portu and Egoitz were able
to win the first round against Ander and Andi and in the grand final against Darlyn, a
The 11-year-old player who is improving a lot, and Unai, who had a good tournament.
Finally, Alex and Daniel (winner of the first Basque couples tournament) were able to
come in third place.
Now our goal is to prepare well for the World Championship that will be held in
Germany at the beginning of August 2023. Hopefully, we can lead a fairly competitive
team and be able to represent Basque Country.

Here we leave the results:

Egoitz Campo and Pilar Portu 21-12 Ander López and Andi Erromo
Darlyn Mendoza and Unai Pérez 21-9 Alex Martínez and Daniel Barrientos
3º and 4º position match
Alex Martínez and Daniel Barrientos 21-19 Ander López and Andi Erromo
Egoitz Campo and Pilar Portu 21-14 Darlyn Mendoza and Unai Pérez.

Winners: Egoitz Campo and Pilar Portu.