IV. Ereaga Tournament of Ringtennis 2023

The last Sunday, the 13th of May, we met 6  players on the beach of Getxo (Basque Country) to organize a new tournament of Ring Tennis on the beach, the IV. Ereaga Tournament of Ring Tennis.

             It was a very cloudy afternoon and although it did not rain much at times we got wet due to light rain. We made two couples, and since we were 6, Felipe was the substitute player for one couple and Jon Ander the same for the other. The tournament was very even. We had to play 3 games because the two pairs won one game each in the first two games. In the third game, we decided to play 21 instead of 15, and while it rained more and more intensely the couple formed by Egoitz and Daniel with Felipe who also came out to help was able to win the tournament.

            Unfortunately, we will not be able to go to South Africa to represent the Basque Country in the World Championship, due to the distance and the cost of the trip. In any case, being as we are members of the World Tenniquoits Federation as a Basque Country, we propose to promote the European Championship that could be held every 4 years and always in years that the World Championship is not held, with the purpose of bringing together the players of ring tennis in Europe.

            If all goes well, in o September or October we will play the fourth edition of the Basque Tournament (Doubles). Here are the results:

Egoitz Campo /Daniel Barrientos 15-13 Joseba Zubiaurre /Maximo Kulachenok

Joseba Zubiaurre /Maximo Kulachenok 15-13 Egoitz Campo /Daniel Barrientos

Egoitz Campo /Daniel Barrientos 21 – 16 Joseba Zubiaurre /Maximo Kulachenok


1-Egoitz Campo (BAS) /Daniel Barrientos BAS. Felipe Haase (COL) substitute.

2-Maximo Kulachenok (BAS) /Joseba Zubiaurre (BAS). (Jon Ander Gil (BAS) subs.

Congratulations to Egoitz, Daniel, and Felipe!

Good job Maximo, Joseba and Jon Ander Gil.